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The Experience of Listening to Music: Methodologies, Identities, Histories has been Open Access funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC), grant AH/J013986/1. The collection has been peer reviewed, edited by David Rowland and Helen Barlow, and subsequently prepared for online publication by the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) of The Open University.

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We would like to thank our colleagues on the Listening Experience Database project team, Damian Dadson and Enrico Motta, and our editor Louise Reilly, for the hard work, care and creativity they have put into developing this online publication. Thanks also go to all those individuals identified within the collection chapters who have given permission for their photos and video clips to be used.

Photo acknowledgements

Unless specifically stated within the chapter and/or below, the Creative Commons Licence does not apply to these photos.

  • Main photo: xxxxx [details to add when chosen]
  • Martin V. Clarke: Figure 1:  The Book of the Common Prayer – printed by John Baskerville, Public Domain,; Figure 2:  Salisbury Cathedral © Antony McCallum
  • Helen Barlow: Figure 1: Title page of The Welsh Outlook, just one of a number of periodicals in both languages that capitalised on the national mood of progress and looking outwards (author’s own photo). Figure 2: Welsh Folk Song Society membership list (author’s own photo).
  • Stephanie E. Pitts: Figures 1 and 2: Write-Draw Card (author’s own images).
  • Dave Russell: Figure 1: Oxford Music Hall 1875 – by London Theatre Museum collection, Public Domain,
  • Rebecca Rinsema: Figures 1 to 6: Reproduced with permission of the licensor through PLS Clear. Licensor: INFORMA UK LIMITED (Company number – 01072954). Publisher: INFORMA UK LIMITED. Licensed Material: Listening in Action (ISBN/ISSN: 9780815378471), figures: 5.2 balanced integration in consciousness, p. 96; 5.3 imbalanced integration in consciousness, music p, 97; 5.4 imbalanced integration in consciousness, activity p. 98; 5.5 integration in action with causal interaction p. 99; 6.1 integration in consciousness over time p. 113.

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